The uprise was not sucsesfulli in Voivodina neause of the flat terren and destruction off partisan fighters. In Kosovo i Metohija albanian minoritz didn᾽t uprise of their colaboration with Italians and Germans. Only the members of Communist Party of Yugoslavia went to arms.

During Užička Republika Hitler ordered kiling of the uprise and in September of 1941 two of the german division from the main fronts weve sent to Serbia to crush Užička Republika. In the november of 1941 German took the Užička Republika making great loses en partisan᾽s fighters and party organisation. Due to great looses, around 2.000 combatant retrived Serbia and entered new First Proleterian brigade. In the spring of 1942 Germans and Kwislings took free territory in East Serbia. Partisans units weve greatly reduced but continued fighting the enemy.

Province committee of Comunist Party of Yugoslavia for Serbia success to multiply and armed existing units.In the beginning of 1943  smaller inits into bigger: First and Second South Morava Units. Partisans units were made in Srem successfully too.

Forming 10 strike battalions in South, East Serbia and  Šumadija in the middle 1943 the national liberation army of Serbia started the making. For further development of movement was crucial military and political council held in Bukulja in August 1943, and first brigades were made. First brigade was  made on October 5 with name "National Liberation  of Šumadija", and then were made First and Second South Morava Brigade with about   1.200 combatants. In spite of Headqiarter,ms retrived Šumadijska and  South Moravska brigade from Serbia, military forces in Serbia were constantly growing and by the midle of 1944 fie divisions  werw formed and they with the main forces of partisans mowement participated en the breach of Sremski Front and tthe final liberation of Serbia.